Montclair, New Jersey. August 4, 2017. Swoon, the home furnishings and lifestyle store and Sunshine Sam, the specialty children’s and gift store, in Montclair, NJ have joined the Big Love Ball Movement by spreading the love to other retailers, friends and family with the objective of seeing how far the love can go.

    Marlene Lewis, owner of Sunshine Sam purchased a Big Love Ball from Swoon for her 10 year old son, Sam. “Sam is always coming up with great ideas and suggested that we spread the love by passing the Big Love Ball on to others “ says Marlene Lewis. “We decided to ask some friends and family if they wanted to participate in our effort to spread the love. With an overwhelming response, we put all the names in a hat, Sam selected a name and we are passing our Big Love Ball on to Charlotte and Noah in Westchester, NY. We hope Charlotte and Noah will follow suit and pass it on to another friend or family member!”

    Radika Eccles, owner of Swoon that stocks the Big Love Ball, has partnered with Marlene from Sunshine Sam to send two more Big Love Balls further afield to family and friends to see how far the love can go as people continue to spread the love by passing it on to another – one ball is being sent to Hannah in Massachusetts and another is being sent Amy Tingle from The Creativity Caravan in Montclair, NJ.

    Inside the box of The Big Love Ball, there is a card that says the recipient must take some photos of himself or herself with the Big Love Ball, post on INSTAGRAM, tag @swoonmontclair and @sunshinesamstore and use the hashtag #swoonspreadthelove and then either pass it on to someone else or send it back to the sender.

    Big Love Ball is making its way around the globe, into the hearts of many cultures through the use of social media and the instantaneous nature of Instagram. Big Love Ball is an irresistible invitation to connect. In a moment it has become a movement. A message of inclusion and compassion. Big Love Ball is for everyone, channeling everybody’s desire to express love and embrace open minds and open hearts.

    For more information or to get your own Big Love Ball, contact SWOON at 973.891.3388 or